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At JRAA CODE we are extremely passionate about the environmental impact the fashion industry has gravely contributed and see it to be our responsibility to use our skills and talent to minimise this pollution rate where we can while still creating beautiful garments. 


We have decided to launch JRAA CODE GARMENT RESTORATION as part of our services. This is where we welcome you to open up your wardrobes and find pieces you truly love and want them to be restored to almost new condition and or upcycle them. 


Upcycling - This does include a design session in the studio to nut out the best possible outcome.


How it works:


1. Email with images and info of your piece and what you would like to fix.

2. We will invite you to our studio in Western Sydney for an assessment and or design session. Cost will be discussed here*.

3. Leave it with us to work some magic which may include a fitting.

4. Final fitting and completion. 


*Cost - It is important to note that not all pieces and garments are the same.

Garment Restoration

SKU: GR001
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