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It's time for a serious chat

Hey there Decoders !

Hope you're keeping safe !

I know what you're thinking, it definitely has been a long damn while since I've done a blog post, but I am back ! I took a little time off to redirect this brand and I've decided that it isn't just a brand, it's much more than that and we are going to go on this journey together !

At this current moment JRAA CODE is still creating pieces but we've decided that we are redirecting and taking the slow fashion approach, which means that we are dedicated to creating bespoke pieces and are on a client type of basis. So, if there's anything that you like, email us and we will create a custom piece just for you.

During our rediscovering journey, we have come to be more aware of the world around us and how fashion truly impacts the rest of the world. Fashion is a global entity and it is important for everyone to know that it is not solely limited to itself. Believe it or not, in order for fashion to thrive, it relies on the involvement of other industries such as film, art, politics, economics, health, media, technology and many more.

We decided to introduce JRAA CHATS which will be opening up the conversation to all of you in the form of statements and questions in relation to the latest happenings in the industry. We want you to get involved and let us know your honest thoughts and opinions and encourage you to learn so, don't be afraid to ask any question !

Why the heck for ?!

For those who follow our instagram page, you will already know that we are very vocal on our position on human rights and environmental sustainability. We feel that due to our background in garment construction, designing, curation, casting (literally all areas of fashion), we have an understanding of the industry that not many of you are aware of. We've received the feedback from you all about how happy you are that we share this and how this industry of smoke and mirrors hides very concerning issues. We are here to bring to light these issues and to ultimately teach you about an industry you have been apart of since your very own beginning. If you own apparel, you buy fashion and thus are part of this industry. The fashion industry does not survive without its consumer.


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